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Want to buy a new camera or a lens ? I’ll be your virtual shopping assistant.


Welcome to my world

My photography hobby began 14 years ago and it’s been a wonderful journey for me, because I do it not for money. I do it because I enjoy it.

Since then some of my photos have been published by Berkeley, Cornell, Yahoo and Buzzfeed. I think it’s my turn to make someone’s life easier.

Photo by Vitaly Vlasov on

With my help you will be able to


Save money

I will select products within your determined budget and tell you on what you can further save your money.


Start right away

After our consultation you’ll be able to get the gear and start taking photos immidietely without wasting any time.


Progress faster

During our QA session I will answer all of your questions to help broaden you knowledge even further. And that way you’ll stay ahead of those who have just started.


Enjoy your hobby

You won’t need to think about technical stuff and just enjoy your hobby or business hassle-free.


Book 1to1 consultation

Buying consultation

During this 30 mins call I’ll ask you some questions and determine what sort of gear will suit your needs and budget. Within 1 business day after our call I’ll send you your personalized kit of products that I chose for you. Please provide your valid email along with your payment and then proceed to schedule our consultation (Menu – My Services – Book a consultation).


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