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Before buying your first camera, answer these 3 questions.

Before even starting to search for your new camera, you need to know these 3 things. And when you answer all of those questions, you will not only pick the right camera for you but also save some cash.

Before buying your first camera, answer these 3 questions | Nerd Tips

This episode is also available as a blog post: In this short episode we're going to cover 3 very important questions to ask yourself before buying your first camera. If you are a beginner photographer, stick around 😉

And we are starting right…now.

Question #1

What is the main purpose of your camera, and what it’s going to be used for ?

Is it casual photography ?.. or Pro photography ?… or maybe video (home videos or social media) ? or a little bit of everything ?

The answer to this question will help you choose one particular camera over another, because different cameras, believe it or not, excel at different things, like shooting video, for example.

Let’s say you need a camera to shoot short videos and take photos for social media. Then pay attention to its video shooting capabilities. But don’t go too far (you seriously don’t need a camera that shoots 4k at 120 fps).

But you’re gonna need to take some sweet pics too. The only thing I want to say here, is: don’t count pixels and megapixels. EVERY camera that is available on the market right now will do a great job at taking photos for social media. End of story.

Question #2

Are you going to travel with this camera ?

Pictures of a camera don’t tell us much about its actual dimensions. And I’m going to assume that nobody reads those dimension specs at the bottom of the list.

If your camera is going to be a travel camera (i.e. used mostly when you are far away from home, be inside your carry-on baggage) it should be small. I mean it should be as small and as lightweight as it is possible without sacrificing necessary features.

My advice here is to pick a camera with a crop sensor. They tend to be smaller and weigh less. It usually says “APS-C” in the specs (but Nikon prefers to list it as “DX-Format”. Okay Nikon…Jeez)


Question #3

Is an interchangeable lens camera really necessary ?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about those nice and beautiful lenses, but you can save a lot of cash by not opting for this kind of camera.

Today there are plenty of compact cameras that can do wonders for you: shoot a vlog for YouTube ? Easy.. Take a pic for your insta ? Double easy..

To top this off, those cameras fit in your pocket and weigh absolutely nothing, when it comes to traveling.

Still confused ?

I’ll help you make the right choice.

Want to buy a new camera or a lens ? I’ll be your virtual shopping assistant.

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